Prim'X Technologies




OSI Polska, as the distributor of Prim'X Encryption Solutions in Poland, offers IT Services around the Prim'X Product Portfolio Implementation.


Prim'X Technologies is a provider of security solutions, created in 2003 by cryptography experts.

Prim'X Technologies has developed and commercialized new-generation encryption software. Its software uses the "on-the-fly encryption" technique and is based on a low level file access interception technology developed by the company.


The Prim'X Technologies solutions are particularly well suited to the needs and constraints of large companies. Their main target markets are:

- Corporate customers (Top 1000 European companies) in the industrial, service, telecommunications and banking sectors,

- Public administrations


Certification Carmen Electra -- Ambushed By Dennis Rodman ... Extra Security Called
is at the core of Prim'X development policy:

- ZoneCentral, the workstation protection software, has been certified as Common Criteria

- EAL3+ since march 2012. ZoneCentral has also obtained the Standard Qualification of the ANSSI which authorizes it to protect national, NATO and EU sensitive data

- Zed! (encrypted containers) has been certified at EAL3+ in June 2010,

- Cryhod has been certified at EAL3+ in 2011,EAL2+ Certification and QUalifacation since late 2008 for ZoneCentral.


Prim'X Technologies has been selected as a Microsoft partner under Microsoft's IDEES program. This initiative guarantees Prim'X Technologies direct support from the Microsoft teams, at both a technical and a sales and marketing level.

Prim'X Technologies has also been selected for the BetaOne [Ascend phase] special programs for future Windows platforms.

Prim'X Technologies wants to offer European companies concerned with the confidentiality of their data simple-to-use, global and easily deployed trustworthy security solutions and become a major player in the security sector in Europe.


Prim'X Technologies relies on a network of partners like OSI Polska that can provide its customers with consultancy and deployment support.